Why Gail Chose Compass

Compass is a cutting-edge marketing and technology-driven luxury real estate firm with an office in the Hingham Shipyard overlooking the water. Compass allows me to elevate my business by providing me with advanced technology and community collaboration and it allows me to provide my clients with the very best possible service and marketing options! Recent surveys indicate that the Compass platform makes agents 24.9% more productive than those at other companies and helps homeowners sell their home more quickly and at higher prices. Personally, I love that Compass is the #1 independent real estate company, and it has a vast global reach, yet it has strong local communities and offices to draw the top real estate experts in local markets. Our in-house media and advertising agency creates custom marketing pieces and then places them in key media outlets to target the right buyers and make your home stand out amongst all the competition.

Compass offers four new initiatives designed to directly impact your client experience:

Concierge services to increase your home's appeal: Investing in physical improvements to a home can increase its sale price dramatically, but many clients aren’t able or willing to spend that money before they have to sell. With Compass Concierge, I can now fund the cosmetic services that will increase the value of your property — staging, repairs, cleaning, landscaping — and when your home sells, you’ll simply add that amount (and nothing more) to the commission.

Bridge loans to offer you greater flexibility: How many more homeowners would sell if they knew they had a new home waiting for them — and the capital they needed to buy it? With this program, we will allow you to confidently buy your next home while waiting to sell your current one. The best part? Not only do well-staged, empty homes sell for more, but your family will be spared the inconvenience of having to show the listing while you’re still living in it.

A vendor services marketplace to provide you with quality referrals: As an agent, I’m constantly asked for recommendations — architects, interior designs, contractors, gardeners, cleaners, lawyers, accountants — but of course I only want to suggest vendors who I know and trust. With this program — an agent-to-agent referral network — I'll be able to provide you with a range of reputable vendors who I know have been vetted by Compass’ discerning audience.

Local philanthropy efforts to give back to our communities: Compass Cares is our new, locally-directed community program. 100% of transactions will result in Compass making a donation — and our local agents nominate and vote for the community organizations that will receive the funds. Just how big are we dreaming, you ask? Over the next decade, we are challenging ourselves to work together to give back $1 billion to the community.

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The Gail Bell Group is uniquely poised to provide clients a first-in-class experience. 30 years of consistently being in the top 1% of sales has allowed us to cultivate an expansive network of sellers, buyers, and vetted contractors, who we are able to leverage, by helping clients achieve the best possible outcome. We’d love the opportunity to work with you!
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